Why Choose
My Backyard Sports?

We Build More than Sports Stadiums, We Build Memories!

At My Backyard Sports we do more than sell and install sports facilities. We have an impact on the daily lives of our customers. From our smallest job to the largest, we make every project special.

At My Backyard Sports We’re About Experiences.

Each and every project is unique and each and every project has a story behind it to tell. From why the court is being built, who it’s being built for, and what it will all mean to the person, family or community once we are finished.

We are about life’s lessons learned both on the court and between the lines. 

It’s More Than Just A Job

We are about designing and creating a space where the smallest will learn to play, the budding player will be able to practice, the athlete will be able to train and the coach or parent will be able to teach.

Our projects when completed become destination places right at ones home, backyard or neighborhood.

It is where confidence is built, conversations about life will take place, and where communities will come together on common ground.

The work we do is far beyond just installations, construction or landscape, It is where memories are made and where memories will last a lifetime.

Come Join Our Team of Memory Makers


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