Debbi RapaportCo-Founder

    Debbi is firm believer that sports are powerful and have many lessons to teach. Whether team oriented or solo, they offer social, emotional, psychological and physical benefits.

    Why I’m In This Business

    Debbi enjoys the creative nature of My Backyard Sports and the joy it brings to so many families and communities. Growing up in the Bronx spending most of his time in the streets, her Dad became a baseball fan, top stickball, handball and basketball player against all odds.  Sports brought him confidence, passion and a determination to succeed.  She grew up hearing all of those lessons learned and more.  As a parent she believes sports and outdoor activities, coming in many different forms, should be a part of every child’s upbringing.

    What Debbi loves most about My Backyard Sports is that each and every project is unique and each and every project has a story to tell.  From why the court is being built, who it is being built for and what it will mean to the person, family or community once it is completed.

    Everyone Has A Story, Here Is Mine.

    Debbi is both entrepreneurial in spirit and in practice, having been a successful entrepreneur in addition to being co-founder of My Backyard Sports.

    She grew up in an entrepreneurial family where she gained tremendous insight into the hard work and dedication needed to succeed in business.  Debbi has a Master’s Degree in Liberal Arts with a specialty in Psychology from Harvard University lending her insight on marketing and consumer behavior. Debbi worked at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter in Human Resources with senior management and employees alike as well as in Data Analysis and offers important employee and operational experience to the company.

    A Passion for Sharing and Teaching

    Debbi is committed to teaching her kids about hard work and creating their own destiny while making a positive impact on others.

    Debbi’s Favorites

    Favorite Sports Quote –“ I didn’t lose the Gold, I won the Silver”. – Michelle Kwan

    Favorite Team –Men and Women’s Tennis and Figure Skating

    First Sports Experience -Playing badminton and volleyball in our home backyard

    Favorite Sports Experience – Roller skating every weekend at our local rink

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